Are you for some football? More importantly, are you ready to pay for some football?

According to a new report, the average ticket price for an NFL game is $82 for season ticket holders. The average cost to park is $31 and the average beer goes for about $7. On average, two fans will cough up a total of $209, which explains why the average fan is in a pretty bad mood when his or her team loses.

The most expensive ticket belongs to the New England Patriots. The fightin’ Tom Bradys charge $118 per seat. The priciest game day total (tickets, parking, beer) comes via the Dallas Cowboys, with a whopping $313 for two people. That’s mostly due to the staggering $75 parking fee.

The cheapest ticket in the NFL is in Cleveland. The Browns charge only $54. They also offer the cheapest experience -- tickets, parking and beer adds up to $143. The downside to paying a relatively small price, of course, is that you have to spend an afternoon watching the Browns.


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