So, you’re despondent after your favorite NFL team came up short this weekend? Chances are you’re not alone.

A study out of Emory University has revealed the most unstable fan base in the NFL. The science behind the ranking was pretty simple, yet lengthy: researchers analyzed tweets mentioning NFL teams in the three days after games last season to determine which were positive and which were negative.

The Oakland Raiders, who have had more than their fair share of trouble winning games in the last decade, won this not-so-coveted title, with their fans spewing the most cynical tweets out of all NFL fans. The Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots, two franchises that have practically made the Super Bowl a second home in recent years, took second and third, respectively.

The Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints placed fourth and fifth.

The Dallas Cowboys checked in as the most stable, despite the fact they finished 8-8 and missed the playoffs last season. The Indianapolis Colts came in next, followed by the Philadelphia Eagles, Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons.

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