Fancy yourself a Royals fan all the way back to this year's improbable World Series title? Are you a Patriots die-hard from the day Tom Terrific took over for Drew Bledsoe in New England in 2000? Does your love for the Warriors run to their days of Steph Curry nailing 3s this past spring en route to the NBA title?

If you answered "yes" to any of these, then congratulations, you're a bandwagon fan.

You know bandwagon fans -- they're the obnoxious and fair-weather front-runners who decide to root for a team when that team is on top of the world. They're the ones who couldn't even name the state Kansas City was in when the Royals were the majors' lousiest team for decades. They're the ones who were as likely to watch a Patriots game before Tom Brady came to town as someone is to order Manhattan clam chowder in Quincy Market. They're the ones who think Golden State Warriors was actually a street gang before Curry returned them to prominence.

These so-called fans are the target of this video by The Kicker, which knows a thing or two about finding truth in sports. Like PEDs, violent off-field behavior and the fact the Detroit Lions are still an accredited NFL team, bandwagon fans are an unfortunate reality in sports, but ones that deserve the beating they take in this clip.

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