Remember the Crossroads Mall in Oklahoma City? Back in the day it was the place to be and had some of the very best stores. Sadly it closed back in 2017 and has been shutdown ever since. Hit play on the video to take a virtual tour of the now abandoned mall. It's super eerie with no stores or people around and all the stuff that was left behind. YouTube Channel Ace's Adventures takes their cameras inside Crossroads Mall in Oklahoma City, OK. and explores the remains of what was once a great place to visit and shop.

When I was a kid Crossroads Mall was the best mall in OKC, at least for me it was. They had the best arcade, food court, music stores, Hobby shop and all the other cool places I wanted to visit and shop at. We used to go all the time in the Summer and right before school to do some shopping, get out of town and go to OKC. It was always a big deal and we always looked forward to going to Crossroads Mall. The other malls in OKC just didn't seem to have as many cool stores, at least for teenagers and were always more uptown.

It's strange to see it empty and abandoned. I guess there are parts of the mall in use, but most of it is boarded up and closed off to the public. It was recently purchased in 2021 for 6.5 million and is rumored to become a marijuana grow facility and factory. There's still Quail springs Mall and Penn Square Mall in OKC, but if you remember Crossroads in it's prime it was the best. There's a ton of malls across the country shutting down and boarding up, times have changed. What was once a mecca of shopping have now become empty shells. Some are still around, but are there days numbered?

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