We all know Barack Obama is an ex-stoner and Abraham Lincoln was an emo kid, but presidential candidate Andrew Yang is aiming for a different goal — becoming the first ex-goth president.

Yang is one of many Democratic presidential candidates looking to take on Donald Trump in 2020. Since declaring his run, Andrew Yang has made Universal Basic Income his signature policy, promising to give $1,000 each month to every American over 18.

Andrew Yang may be a math whiz and entrepreneur today, but in his youth, Yang was a goth rocking out to The Smiths and The Cure. “I distinctly remember coming into school in eighth grade and a friend, Dan Miller, was full goth, wearing all black,” Yang tells Jezebel. “Dan had a real impact on my musical taste and we ended up going to many of these concerts together. So I daresay, if I win in 2020, I would be the first ex-goth president.”

Along with The Smiths and The Cure, Yang shouts out Depeche Mode, U2, REM, New Order and Joy Division while discussing “the canon of alternative music.” Yang also reps Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Sugarcubes while sharing he attended the first three Lollapalooza festivals.

Fellow candidate Beto O’Rourke used to play in a punk band with At the Drive-In’s Cedric Bixler-Zavala and stated he’d be honored to have The Mars Volta play his inauguration. Yang, however, wants to challenge Beto to a skate-off.

“I will say one thing I’d be interested in doing: Some kind of skate-off with Beto because I also skated,” he says. “If Beto is open to it, I’m open to it.”

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