Dim the lights because things are about to get a little dark. You may remember MGT from their collaborative effort with HIM frontman Ville Valo on an ABBA cover last year and now the group has returned with a new album, Gemini Nyte, on the horizon and a video for "All the Broken Things," which can be viewed above.

The band is comprised of former The Mission guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite, The Awakening's Ashton Nyte with Paul Ferguson of Killing Joke manning the sticks and together they've resurrected the classic goth rock / darkwave sound on this new track. The stylistic hallmarks are intact from the opening, jangling guitar moments to the floor-pushing, driving bass all tied together with anthemic, arena-ready drumming. Nyte's deep croon quivers initially as his words unfurl, gaining strength as the lush, ear-fetching chorus washes over the gloomy atmosphere.

"'All the Broken Things' was one of the first songs that Ashton and I wrote after our initial collaborations on the MGT debut album Volumes in 2015 and we knew it should be the first single from our new album when we performed it live on tour this summer and saw how well it was received," Thwaite began. "Strident and commanding, it's a real statement of intent and indicator of the heavier vibe of the new album. It was also an honor to get one of our favorite drummers, Paul Ferguson of Killing Joke, to play on the songs — he totally rocks it. Any fans of our work together on the last album will love this new record."

Nyte added, “I think 'All the Broken Things' is a wonderful introduction to this chapter of work, both sonically and lyrically. Mark and I started working together on the Volumes album and we just kept writing. We wrote and recorded most of the Gemini Nyte album within three or four months of meeting each other. I think that fluidity is reflected in this song and captured by the beautiful video Vicente Cordero has made for us.”

Gemini Nyte will be out Feb. 23 through Cleopatra Records and featured guests appearances from Fear Factory's Burton C. Bell as well as founding members of The Cure, Lol Tolhurst and Pearl Thompson.

MGT, Gemini Nyte Album Art


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