With all of the things to be angry about in this world, how other people dress and what kind of makeup they wear should really not be one of them. But for this supposedly Christian restaurant owner — it's everything. A video has gone viral of him going absolutely psycho, chasing a young woman out of his establishment and calling her a "demonic fucking bitch."

There isn't a whole lot of context to begin with, but the girl began recording as the owner was shouting in her face. "Video tape all you want. God bless you, you fucking moron," are the first words heard from the red-faced, maniacal man. "God bless you and fucking Satan, lady. God bless Jesus Christ, you fucking demonic bitch, get out of my fucking building."

The man is sporting a Maine-ly Lobstah shirt, which is a seafood truck located in Massachusetts.

The two mentioned another individual before the exchange escalated into full-blown screaming, so it seems they knew each other prior to the occurrence. Then the man told someone else to call the police. "Get the fuck out of here," he blared as the girl starts walking out of what appears to be the kitchen of the restaurant. "And don't you fucking step foot around my fucking business in the name of Jesus Christ, you demonic fucking bitch!"

As the girl walks away from the building and turns the corner, the man continued to follow her and scream more profanities at her.

"Why am I a demonic bitch?" she calmly asked. Then she read the name of the food truck parked on the side street, which is Boston's Baddest Burgers in Norwood, Mass., and also shouted the phone number printed underneath.

The owner came back around the corner and yelled, "Take a look at her!" She aimed the camera at herself, revealing goth-inspired makeup and hair, and said, "I look God-damned good."

Watch the video below. According to its placement on Reddit and other sources, the event happened a couple of months ago.

Upon searching the names, Boston's Baddest Burgers and Maine-ly Lobstah are a joint-establishment. The reviews are an entirely different story. The video was mentioned and shared both on Trip Advisor as well as Yelp.

As disclosed in some of the Yelp reviews, the owner's name is Kevin Tortorella, and several people have had negative experiences with him. "Don't eat here. Owner is a crazer mf who will verbally abuse you for no reason. Take your money somewhere else," one reads.

"Kevin, you are a small man filled with so much hate. The way you harassed, threatened and psychically chased a young girl, made me sick to my stomach," another Yelper wrote. "You are disgusting and I am appalled you dare call yourself a Christian, while spewing hate at paying customers. You should be ashamed of yourself, and need to do some serious praying to figure out why you're such a hate filled monster."

A little more digging in the review section showed that Mr. Tortorella has never taken very kindly to negative feedback. He responded to several posts back in 2014 and 2013, calling people "haters" and saying their comments were "made with ill intention." View screenshots underneath the video.


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