While the majority of the rock and metal community are absolutely ecstatic that Rage Against the Machine are finally returning to the stage after almost a decade, not everyone is thrilled. Unimpressed teens have taken to Twitter to complain that the band are headlining Reading and Leeds festivals in the U.K., calling them "goths."

Nope. Not a joke.

When the festivals' Twitter account posted that Rage will be one of the headlining acts this year, the reply section blew up with complaints, asking who the band are and calling the lineup "shite." Apparently, many of them were hoping rapper Travis Scott would be one of the main acts, and they're just flat out pissed that they're getting one of the most popular rock acts of the '90s instead.

They're not just pissed, they're "gutted." Perhaps we should send them a mass supply of tissues.

Read some of the tweets below. They'll either make you very disappointed in today's youth, or will make your day.

For those of you who are fans of Rage Against the Machine, check out their 2020 world tour dates here if you missed their announcement yesterday.

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