The U.S. House of Representatives just passed the latest stimulus bill "The American Rescue Plan" by a vote of (220 to 211). As predicted the vote fell along party lines without a single Republican voting for the new COVID-19 relief package. The bill has gone back and forth between the House, to the Senate and back to the House. It will now head to the Oval Office to be signed by President Joe Biden. He's expected to sign the new bill later this week, more than likely on Friday, March 12th (03-12-21) maybe even sooner. 

With the new bill comes a stimulus check. So the big question most people are asking is how much will they be and will they qualify? The stimulus checks will be $1,400.00 per person, and yes that's including any dependents you may have. A single person who makes less than $80,000 annually will receive a payment and couples who make less than $160,000 will be eligible for a stimulus check. It's a little different than the last time, but most people will qualify and receive checks. The new bill not only provides stimulus checks it also helps with unemployment benefits, COVID-19 testing and vaccines and all kinds of other assistance.

The next question people are asking is when they can expect to get thier checks? It could be as quick as next week sometime. If you had direct deposit set up when doing the previous stimulus checks, or when filing Federal taxes both 2019 and 2020 you should be getting your stimulus very soon. Obviously paper checks and payments take longer to process, so it's best if you have direct deposit and banking information on file with the IRS. If you're needing details on how to set this up click here visit the official IRS website.

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