The Oklahoma Summer heat is nothing to mess with. We'll be seeing temperatures very soon breaking 100 degrees for days and even weeks at a time. It can be miserable during the Summer months in the Sooner State with insane, ever changing weather patterns and of course the near unbearable heat. People who aren't from Oklahoma are surprised at just how hot it can get and how we just seem to go with it as best we can. I guess you just kind of get use to it after awhile. Or at least you hope to anyway.

As hot as it gets, just imagine not being able to escape it. Unfortunately that's a reality for some Oklahomans who not only struggle with the heat, but struggle with trying to keep up with the electric bill during the Summer months. It's especially hard for the elderly and retired people living on fixed incomes.

The hotter it gets outside the harder it is to cool your home or apartment. With energy prices rising and the need to run the A.C. at lower temps and for longer periods of time it can create a financial hardship, if not disaster for some people. Low income families and individuals are in great need during the Summer months with paying higher than normal electric bills. The good news is there's help available!

If you're needing some help paying your electric bill OKDHS (Oklahoma Department of Human Services) can help lend a hand. They have a program called LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) that you can apply for and use to help pay your power bill. It's not only for Summer months, but for the Winter time too. Visit or for all the details and to apply for assistance.

If you know someone who could use the help pass this along to them. Several people a year are hospitalized and even die from heat stroke and other heat related causes due to excessive heat within their homes. They don't turn on the A.C. fearing a high bill and the lack of funds to cover it. There's no need for that and to suffer needlessly, not to mention risking your health and even your life!

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