Odds are, if you know a vegan person, you didn't have to ask them if they were vegan. They probably told you about their diet within the first three sentences of any and all conversations. I get it, food is awesome. If you like your food, why shouldn't you share it with the people you know? It's natural. That stigma of people comparing vegans to Nickelback comes from the disdain veggie-heads usually have for meat-eaters... You know, meat is murder. Tasty, delicious murder. So Arby's is taking it back and flipping veggie burgers and such upside down by making meat veggies.

Witness the marrot. A meat carrot... which is made out of turkey, so it's basically a vegetable anyway. I think the only way you could make a more veggie out of meat would be creating something out of fish, but given that fish is already a risky game of "That was good." and "Where's the bathroom?" this far from the coast, turkey will do. Or pork. Even beef. But what veggie could you make with beef? The sky is the limit. We'll just have to start calling them vealgetables.

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