I just spent $2699.00 for my family to be able to eat together.

Jeri Anderson

What happened was... I found a large rustic table on Facebook for $99 and I had to knock out a wall in my kitchen to be able to fit it with its extender sections. The table seats 12 comfortably. With a grand total of 20 family members (including kids and grands), and with the help of a card table and kitchen island, I can now have my entire family in the same room for those huge holiday or family meals. The question is, just how many of the family will actually show up?

There seems to be a huge decline in families sharing meals together. When I was growing up, there was no question. We ate together, every night. I came from a family of seven, and cooking at home was the rule. Every now and then, we'd get a treat and eat out, but with only my dad working, momma cooked every night. (Wednesday was always spaghetti night!)

Has the world just gotten busier? I know that when my kids were little, we sat around the table most nights, but as they grew and activities took us out of the home during the evenings, it was just easier to stop at Mickey D's on the way home than to fire up the oven and wait another half hour to eat, then homework and baths. Convenience could be the culprit that has nearly killed family meals.

Agree or Disagree? In a poll of 2,000 U.S. adults, the average person says they only get to spend three dinners out of the week with their loved ones.

Time has slowed down some for James and I, we eat at home most evenings together, but trying to get the entire family together at one time, is quite an accomplishment.

How about you? How many meals do you share as a family each week? Here's a super quick poll to let us know how often you can get your family around the table.

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