SWOK has been pretty OK during these last two weeks, but with more rain in the forecast, the question remains, can we remain OK? Sure, most rivers and creeks in SWOK are out of their banks. Countless waterways across the counties of Comanche, Cotton, Jefferson, Stephens, Kiowa, Jackson, Tillman, Caddo, Harmon, etc... are full, some are flooding making a headache for farmers and ranchers, homes have been effected, even more roads are impassable. While we always hope for rain this time of year, 2019's wet season is getting old.

This is even more prevalent up North. The Arkansas River system is well beyond capacity, and the lock and dam systems are currently pushing boundaries on what they were designed to do. They, too, are looking at even more rain in the immediate future.

While our forecast may be on the positive side of 'severe weather,' only time will tell if my neighbors saturated back yard can continue holding his massive cottonwood trees that lean over my house... On the plus side though, would be nice to update the roof and possibly the interior with his insurance money.

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