When my nephew turned 16 and started driving, the family group chat they force me to be part of was full of questions like "What's a safe car for (nephew) to drive?"

Fearing for him, I felt that deep down even though at his age, we all feel invincible.

Just to quickly wrap up that story, grandpa gave him his Camaro SS... At 16 years old... Shenanigans. We all thought he would end up wrapping that thing around a tree, but luckily the only thing he hit was my truck while backing out of the driveway for the first time.

Since curiosity often gets the best of me, I wondered what the safest and most dangerous vehicles were here in the Sooner State, and the list isn't exactly shocking.

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If you drive a Subaru, Audi, or Mercedes around Oklahoma, you're cruising in the top three safest vehicles in our state. At least, those three brands are involved in the least amount of fatal crashes.

It's worth noting all three are some of the lowest-selling brands in the state, so naturally, with fewer of them on the roads, there are fewer crashes in turn.

If you happen to drive a Dodge, you're lucky to make it to work each day alive.

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The old saying is "If you can't dodge it, ram it," and drivers of this brand seem to be taking that literally. Or the more logical explanation might be the popularity of this brand as a whole for offering cheap vehicles means more people are likely to buy them.

Having looked at pickups in the last few years, if I had to replace my beloved GMC, I'd probably opt for a Ram too since they're just so cheap.

I know it wouldn't last as long as my GMC, but at those prices, Rams are disposable.

Oddly enough, Mitsubishi and Buick rounded out the top three most dangerous Oklahoma car brands list, but Dodge fatalities happen at almost double the rate of the number two spot.

The more you think about it, the crazier that is.

While there's not much more to the report, you can check it out yourself here.

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