Tell the truth, when you see "Life Hacks," you picture someone making some stupid first-world fix with hot glue or maybe ramen noodles and super glue right? There are so many terrible "life hacks" on the net, it's nearly impossible to learn anything actually useful. But I stumbled across a legit life hack discussion online, and the advice is pretty solid for both easing the crushing experience that is life and saving cash. Let me share with you what I've learned.

First and foremost, lets talk about money. There are infinite ways to save money out there. It's literally as simple as pack your own lunch and buy off-brand goods, but it doesn't end there. One of the best life hacks I've ever listened to was this, never buy kitchen stuff at the store. I'm talking about pots and pans, spatulas, dinnerware, silverware, cups, bowls, etc... You see, the store has to get it from somewhere too, and they have to make money on it. So your perfect, favorite $8 beer mug you 'scored' at (any store) could have actually only cost you $1.50 somewhere else. The beauty of the internet is, you can now buy from wholesalers. So that $400 set of pans you've been eyeing in the kitchen section of the specialty store can be had for $100-ish. Quality commercial grade knives for half of what the attractive consumer grade stuff goes for in stores.

Paying full price is for suckers. Having been one of those "Buy once, cry once" full price paying people in my young adult life, I wish I had learned this lesson before building my shop and filling it with new tools. I won't make the same mistake with the kitchen stuffs.

Also, if you've never been a garage sale type person, really good lightly used cookware can usually be found for dollars at garage sales. I've only gone garage sale picking once and ended up with a full set of cast iron cookeries. Skillets in several sizes, dutch ovens, some porcelain, some raw iron, all of it's old, flat, and milled for that ultimate non-stick cooking.

Adding to that life hack, you should hop on YouTube and develop some kitchen skills. Learning how to use a knife properly can save you time and energy, making homemade meals a pleasure to experience day in and day out.

Before I go, and I know I've shared this before, but it's worth repeating... I'm a sheets nerd. My sleep is more important to me than anything else in life, and you can't get quality sleep if you're uncomfortable in your sheets. Take this absolutely true advice... Higher thread count sheets don't equal softness. Things labeled like "Egyptian Cotton" or "1200 Thread Count" are just marketing. Sure, it may have originated in Egypt, and it might be 1200 thread count, but that doesn't mean it's quality. Instead, opt for true quality sheets. I'm a hot sleeper, so I enjoy cool, crisp sheets. I buy 300 thread count long fiber sheets from The Company Store. They're who supply sheets to upscale hotels across the world, built for longevity. The 300 count sheets may not be the softest on day one, but after a week, they are the softest sheets you've ever slept on and last for decades according to the internet.

Before you go punching my man card, order yourself a real set of sheets and experience what I live with daily. You'll understand and spread the word too.


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