Oklahoma has a weird relationship with winter. Some years it's brutally dry, other years it's incredibly wet. We've experienced warm shorts and hoodie winters, and the memory of the 2021 deep freeze is still fresh on all of our minds.

Much like the stormy springtime, nobody knows what to expect during an Oklahoma winter... but one social media meteorologist has made a bold prediction about winter 2023.


With an El Nino brewing out in the Pacific Ocean, the normal winter trend for our part of the country is usually warm and wet.

The icy arctic air has trouble getting here as the ocean currents push warm and moist air further north into the southern and southwestern states. This also creates the perfect conditions for big storms, rain and snow.

Remember the 2021 blizzard?

If you lived in Oklahoma during the 2021 blizzard, it was a memorable one. Not only did the unbelievable forecast turn out to be spot-on accurate for once, the deep snow lingered on for weeks as the state stayed well below freezing.

While it wasn't the biggest blizzard on record for the Sooner State, one weather professional thinks it will prove to be the prelude to an even bigger winter event.

For the record, the 2021 Oklahoma blizzard didn't even crack the top ten Sooner State snow events. The snow storms of last century dumped more snow, the record from 1971 is 36 inches that fell in Buffalo--near the panhandle--which created 15-30 foot drifts.

New Storm In California May Push State's Snowpack Past Record High
Getty Images, photo for example.

The coming "Big Daddy" snowstorm.

While Kentucky meteorologist Ryan Hall also talks about severe weather, tornadoes, and heavy rainfall in his analysis, the boldest prediction is his outlook for snow.

@ryanhallyall Winter is gonna be lit #weathertok ♬ Blade Runner 2049 - Synthwave Goose

While the odds are incredibly slim, especially this far out from winter, Oklahoma is well within the margin for a crazy winter storm.

RyanHallYall TikTok
RyanHallYall TikTok


As you already know, it's nearly impossible to accurately predict our wild Oklahoma weather. Winter storms can strike as early as October and linger on well into April, but the usual depth of our snow season is generally during January and February.

Whether or not it happens, we won't know until next spring... and in the event it does happen, we'll be reminded again in the fall of 2024 when the Oklahoma Corporation Commission inflates our utility bills again because the billion-dollar businesses will likely fail to plan ahead for this one too.

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