When it comes to things you only find in Oklahoma, the list may not be the longest, but most of the items on that list are on a whole new level in every category. No Man's Land Beef Jerky out of Boise City is the only "real" jerky on store shelves. Doesn't hurt that it's just delicious, especially the hot and spicy. Head Country BBQ Sauce has always been made right here in Oklahoma, and regardless of what any other state says, it's the only acceptable BBQ sauce at any table serving up smoked meats. Never too sweet, never tastes like vinegar, it's just smokey perfection. Same goes for sausage.

I love breakfast foods. I don't know why people eat anything other than breakfast foods. Be it eggs and bacon, sausage, waffles, toast, hashbrowns, etc... Breakfast for evening dinner is always a treat. While at any point in time you can find that classic Jimmy Dean Hot sausage in my fridge, I try to keep some of Oklahoma's own Blue & Gold in there too. You know why? As good as that Jimmy Dean is, it's not as good as the uniquely tasting Blue & Gold. Jimmy Dean may taste like sausage, but B&G just tastes like home.

Don't get me wrong, I know people have their own preferences and you can't please everybody... My own father admitted to me on a fishing trip once that he doesn't like Blue & Gold. It's been years, and I still can't wrap my head around that. Maybe the memories that rush to the forefront of my mind are what I'm so addicted to in that pork meat. I always overcook it to a point somewhere between golden brown and dark brown. I like it chewy with a little crunch on the outside like my grandma always made it. Maybe I love Blue & Gold so much because that's what she always had for breakfast when we spent time on the family farm.

If you didn't know, Blue & Gold isn't available in stores. The only place you can buy it is from a student or any kid looking to raise money for their little clubs, like Boy Scouts. Blue & Gold makes their products specifically for fundraising in Oklahoma. You won't find it anywhere else. As the school year comes to a close, I can't help but dread the fact that at some point this fall, I'll run out of Blue & Gold Sausage. If you want to try this epic sausage but don't know anyone with kids selling it, I've seen it on Facebook Marketplace before. I didn't buy because Jeri's grandkids get all my B&G money, but as they grow, I know those days are coming to a close too. I'm telling you, it is "The" taste of Oklahoma. Find some today.

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