Oklahoma's favorite staycation spot is about to start growing again, showing that even as the pandemic hit the Bricktown area pretty hard, OKC is dedicated to continually build out its vibrant downtown area.

While the rumors have swirled for a few weeks now, it's official. A New York City-based hotel company is planning on building out two fourteen-story hotels with almost 400 rooms, plus a condominium tower available to 150 residents willing to buy in at their price, and seven bars and restaurants on the ground floor around the complex. It's sort of exciting.

If you've lived in Oklahoma long, at least since last century, you might remember when Bricktown was announced and the first available condominium units were made available for purchase. It was 1998-ish and the going rate was a flat $100,000... which in 1998 was a staggering sum of money for a home without things like a yard or land, especially considering the area was still mostly abandoned warehouses and such.

I remember my mom talking about how much she would have liked to purchase one of those condo units. She and dad are a couple of baseball fanatics, and to have a residence across the street from a ballpark was a dream. Begrudgingly they used their common sense, knowing that it would be too much hardship to carry two mortgages and they were confident in their decision for a few years.

I think it was only two or three years later when those residence units first started going on the market to would-be second owners. In that couple of few years, the base price on those units went from $100,000 to the cheapest of all listings hitting at a cool $300,000, and people couldn't help themselves. They were snatched off the market within days of the listings.

Skip forward some twenty years of development and excitement, Bricktown is the place to be. Home of Oklahoma's only pro-sports team the Thunder, Bass Pro, OKC Dodgers, tons of restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and some fun stuffs along the canal... one can only hope the new residency units will be available at a cost under seven figures.

To be honest, with the popularity of Airbnb and those types of peer-to-peer house-sharing short-term rental businesses, even at a million dollars, it might be a great investment opportunity.

The only downside to this news might be the tremendous loss drivers will experience losing such a large parking lot so close to the big event centers on the west side of Bricktown.

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