As you'd imagine, if you're in the public eye or ear enough, someone is bound to complain about something. Believe me, we get our fair share on a weekly basis. I halfheartedly believe some people listen to the radio and watch TV for the sole purpose of complaining about it later.

We've seen it a hundred times. Someone takes a little clip or sound byte and drives it into the ground. And while I sort of like watching the world burn in a minor dumpster fire once in a while, it's become white noise at this point. Doesn't matter what you do or what you say, someone is offended.

In America, companies are afraid of the big bad social justice warriors and their impotent rage. If you've got a pretty good memory, you can even remember something happening in an instant locally. Right or wrong, those swift actions are what is so addictive to the woefully idiotic. But it's not that way around the world.

Welcome to London, where they have too much sense to worry about what you're PC issue is today. That's not to say they do and say whatever they please... They're like any other business in that sense... but they don't just cave to the whims of the petty. They fully embrace it. So much so, they take the best of their complaint box and just roll with it every year in what turns out to be the best clip they've produced, well, ever.

While I'm so glad to be an American, I sure wouldn't mind seeing this sort of cavalier mentality in more of the media. Instead of people constantly being forced into hollow apologies, I'd like to see someone just stand there and say "Yeah. I said it. Get over it." at least once. That is the world I want to watch for a while.

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