Thanks to a group of Harvard students, a fast food burger has boldly gone where no burger has gone before -- into the edge of space. Hey, it's better than eating it. Those things'll kill ya.

Over the course of 30 hours and two weekends, five students sent a burger by a local joint called B.Good into the upper reaches of the atmosphere. Why? Because they could.

"School just got a bit repetitive," said Nuseir Yassin, adding that he thought it would be a "purely fun project."

So Yassin and four classmates bought a burger, varnished it, super-glued it together and screwed it to a pedestal along with a GoPro Hero camera and a HTC Rezound phone. Then, they attached the whole thing to a 600-gram weather balloon and sent it skyward.

It took the intrepid burger two hours to ascend to a height of 19 miles and an hour to descend. Once it landed, the students tracked the burger's location using GPS data from the phone and eventually retrieved it from high up in a tree.

Fortunately, the burger's amazing journey went off without a hitch and the attached camera captured the entire trip. The resulting footage shows something none of us have ever seen before -- a deliciously spectacular burger-eye view of the Earth.

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