Finally, the rest of the United States is finding out what we have known all along.  Oklahoma's Best Burrito can be found right here in Lawton Oklahoma at Cali Burrito.

Ever since the downtown location opened, I knew it was something special.  Those burritos are HUGE!  I mean really, really big.  I usually opt for something much smaller, the Chicken Quesadilla.  And even that is pretty big.

The owner, originally from Mexico and raised in California knows exactly the most important thing about a great burrito.  Fresh ingredients.  And those ingredients are many.  You can choose from a whole line of meats and other sides that can all be combined into one gigantic burrito.

Have I mentioned that these burritos are huge?  In fact, so big that I have to use both hands just to hold it.  You just can't eat these with a knife and fork.  That would be ridiculous.

There are two locations for Cali Burrito in Lawton, downtown Lawton at 514 SW 10th Street, and are open Monday Through Sunday.


They have also opened a second location on 38th street in what used to be a Taco Mayo location.  They are open Monday-Sunday as well and closed on Sunday.  This location has a drive-through, but you'll want to go in to smell the aroma of all of those fresh ingredients!


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