Sony did a little release date shuffling today, and while a few changes were minor, 'Carrie' was pushed all the way back from March 15 to October 18 -- seems like someone remembered when horror movies used to come out in October.

With modern horror franchises like the now-defunct 'Saw' series and 'Paranormal Activity,' more and more studios have shied away from releasing their horror films in October, terrified that they'll never be able to stand up to the big franchise moneymakers.

And then Sony stood up and said enough with this crap, they're releasing the 'Carrie' remake in October, so deal with it. ComingSoon reports that Sony shifted dates for George Clooney's 'Monuments Men,' which will now hit two days earlier on December 18, and pushed 'No Good Deed' back from October 18 to January 17, 2014.

It made sense for 'Carrie' to hit theaters in March, what with that being prom season and the story's pivotal moment occurring during a high school prom, but it's always nice to have more horror flicks to choose from in October, so while we were kind of excited to see 'Carrie' relatively soon (and the studio had already begun its online viral marketing campaign), we're okay with waiting.

'Carrie' stars Chloe Moretz in the titular role of an outcast high school teenager who discovers she has some awesomely dangerous telekinetic powers. Based on the novel by Stephen King and previously adapted twice, 'Carrie' also stars Judy Greer, Portia Doubleday, and Julianne Moore.

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