The 'Carrie' remake trailer doesn't seem to be holding anything back. We don't mean that it's extra gory, we mean this trailer seems to show pretty much everything that happens in the movie. Perhaps the events will be a surprise for those kids who never saw the original (or read the book), but most of the big events are here.

In the trailer we see that Carrie (Chloe Grace Moretz) lives with her mother (Julianne Moore), and that their relationship is terrible as Carrie is often locked in her special room. She's also an outsider at school, which is apparent in the locker room scene where she has her first period. Then there's the classic Stephen King moment of what happens at prom and some of the wreckage that comes after.

It's hard to know if selling director Kimberly Peirce's remake this way is smart. The book came out in 1974 and the movie adaptation was a hit in 1976, so a generation of people are familiar with the source material, and the prom gone bad. Sissy Spacek covered in blood is unarguably iconic. But does it make sense to show that they're all included here? Like so many remakes these days, it seems to be less a re-imagining and more like Karaoke.

'Carrie' hits theaters October 18. Here's that trailer:

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