One of the best and funniest ways you can spend your Snowmageddon 2022 is by hitting play on one of the single greatest B-Horror films ever made 'Avalanche Sharks.' If you're a fan of B-Horror and enjoy really, really bad horror and creature features this is a must-see film. I mean with a one-star rating it's got to be good!

I'm a HUGE FAN of B-Horror movies, the worse the better in my opinion. The kind of movies that are so bad even Elvira Mistress of the Dark wouldn't show on 'Movie Macabra.' I love these terrible films in all their corny, poorly produced glory. So when Mother Nature snowed us in I knew exactly what I'd do to help pass the time. The perfect snow day movie 'Avalanche Sharks' was at the top of the movie list to watch.

Hit play on the official 'Avalanche Sharks' movie trailer above to get a sneak peek of what you can expect from this B-Horror masterpiece. Needless to say, the family isn't too happy about this pick. We have rules when it comes to snow day movie watching. The rule is each person picks a movie and everyone has to watch it. There's no leaving or looking at your phone, you have to watch the entire movie from start to finish.

Of course, this leads to everyone trying to find the absolute worst movies they can find, and has become a game the whole family is into. It's a ton of fun and leads to some fantastic riffing in the living room as everyone makes comments and funny remarks while watching. It's like a homemade version of Mystery Science Theater. Good snacks and bad movies make for a really great time when you're snowed in.

So if you're looking for an awfully good time try it for yourself. Every streaming service on the planet has an abundance of B-Horror movies and terrible creature features you can hit play on. It's a great way to pass the time and spend some time with friends and family. The family and I will be spending the next couple of days trying to outdo each other on who can find the worst of the worst. So far I think I'm winning. They don't know it yet but this evening I plan to hit play on 'Cowboys Vs. Dinosaurs.' Let the games begin!

Top 10 most terrifying towns & scary cities in Oklahoma

While Oklahoma is well known for its beauty and friendly people there are a few places in the Sooner State you'll want to avoid. These are the most terrifying towns and scary cities in the state. It's not that they're bad places, or plagued with crime and other negative factors. The towns and cities below have one single thing in common. They all have active paranormal and supernatural phenomenons. From ghost stories to urban legends and tragic tales. A lot of these places are well known to those who live in Oklahoma and even all over the nation. If you're looking to get scared or do a little ghost hunting you can start with the list below.

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While you would assume that these are common knowledge, you'd be surprised how many people haven't lived in a place where they would learn these skills.

The Dreadful Downtown Hauntings of Lawton, OK.

When it comes to ghost tales and hauntings Lawton, Fort Sill has more than a few scary stories to tell. The most active hauntings and paranormal/supernatural occurrences that have been reported seem to be centered around downtown Lawton. If you've lived here a while I'm sure you've heard a few of these terrifying tales yourself. If not check out the photo gallery below of the dreadful downtown hauntings of Lawton, OK.

If Oklahoma Was A Candle, What Would It Smell Like?

I think it's fair to say that each place you can visit has a distinctive smell. That being said, I don't think you can just easily cram Oklahoma into just one candle. There are so many different places that are diverse and unique. It's a loaded question beyond what most people can answer. Instead, here are a few different candles to represent the places I've lived and traveled to in Oklahoma.

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