I made a trip to our county sheriff's office today. I was applying for my carry permit. Not that I NEED to carry a gun, but I want that option because, well I guess, because I can. While I was waiting I heard a horrible story that had happened back in August in this quiet little town; A 9-year-old beautiful little girl lost her life in a tragic handgun accident.

The woman described her as the prettiest little girl with red hair and a beautiful complexion with warm laughing eyes. It just broke my heart. I didn't know this young lady but I can't even imagine the grief her parents felt. Her father had returned from the gun range and had hidden the gun in a dresser drawer. The young girl, unfortunately found the gun and accidentally discharged the gun shooting herself in the head. She was transported to the hospital and later died.

I was doing some research to find out "How often does this tragedy happen?" and came across a lot of articles about accidental shootings.  According to the News Channel 4 report by Adam Snider, nearly 1,300 people under the age of 25 were victims of accidental shootings between 2005 and 2010. That is 1,300 too many!

As I was reading some of the comments left on these articles, I kept reading the same comment "teach your children gun safety". I completely agree with that statement, but we all know that their curious minds are still going to sneak behind you and explore.

Did you see the 20/20 special that Diane Sawyer aired? What Young Kids Do With Guns When Parents Aren't Around:

More ABC news videos | ABC Health News

Did that surprise you? It surprised a lot of people! So, how do you keep your children safe but still able to defend your home? Check out "The Gun Box". I found this company completely by accident but I have told everyone I know about this awesome piece of technology. See for yourself. Let me know what you think. I am anxiously waiting for your feedback.

They continue to work on more and more technology. I have spoken to the inventor and to the VP of Operations. They have some very exciting products coming in 2015.

We recently gave one away and I'm happy to let you know we will be giving another one away very soon!

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