Building an average 6,000 miles of highway every year, China is setting a new 'gold standard' of what inter-continental travel should look and drive like. From the extremes of elevated highways to reduce road noise to spanning across 34 miles of ocean, it's amazing how they are putting their country together to mergy efficiency with structural beauty.

Honestly, why aren't we hiring these crews to tackle issues like 52nd Street. It's a half mile strip of road that's soon coming up on a year of pure mess, inconvenience, and vehicle alignments. How long did it take to redo the half mile stretch of 67th between Cache Road and Quannah Parker... Two years? When was the last time they did anything on Lee Boulevard between I-44 and Goodyear Boulevard? I mean, the roller coaster section between 38th and 52nd is fun to drive in that dangerous sense of the word, but smooth roads might be the better idea nowadays.

Worse off, you can't even blame the development delays on something as simple as "Well, China has more manpower." If you travel through Dallas, you know there's road construction everywhere. Hell, the traffic cone might as well be the Lone Star state's official flower... but month after month, there will still be construction, but it's in different places. They can pull up and replace a five mile stretch of 8-lane road in five weeks. Sure, it probably costs more in payroll, but imagine how much they save in time and equipment fuel. But the more things change, they do seem to stay the same. I'm sure there's some new reason why there's not enough money. Even after we started receiving those Amazon tax dollars, they somehow instantly disappeared. But we have butterfly gardens I suppose.

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