Ask any mother, Christmas doesn't just 'come together.' It's a process that begins soon after Thanksgiving that requires dedication and speed. It's a million trips up into the attic to get the decorations, another dozen to put the Fall stuff away, and a whirlwind of days to put up the tree, garland, decor, pictures, table cloths and runners, that weird afghan somebody made for the couch nobody is allowed to sit on, and finally a few presents she had stashed away all year round.

Being a Santa is a lot more fun that receiving stuff from him though, I think every grownup can agree on that. Not to say getting stuff isn't fun, it's just more fun to watch the reactions of people as they open the gifts you spent time making or purchasing. Hopefully you haven't waited until now to start. The closer we get, the harder it is to find stuff to give, and we both know, you don't want to give batteries and lighters from Love's.

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