No matter what you think of the home-grown 100% pure Americana taco shop, it's safe to say it's probably not going anywhere. Voted as America's favorite Mexican food restaurant overall, it made everyone stand up and think 'How?' CNBC thinks they have the answer, but they're wrong. So wrong.

While they are crucial parts of success, the popularity of Taco Bell doesn't have anything to do with the freshness, quality, or taste of their food. It all boils down to price.

Now before you call shenanigans, I already know... Taco Bell can be pretty dang expensive if you're ordering the prime stuff, but it's more of a personal problem for the individual. A couple of tacos is surprisingly cheap. A taco salad is also surprisingly cheap. Even the loaded steak and chicken power-bowls are surprisingly cheap on their own, but that's not how we get down in America.

One doesn't simply order a taco salad to satisfy their hunger.... It's big enough, but that's not good enough. As we all eat with our eyes, most people order a taco salad plus a couple of tacos... And since it sounds good, throw in a burrito, chips and cheese on the side, and occasionally some of those cinnamon twists because you only eat out twice a day. It's the Volkswagen model of making money. Individually, everything is cheap... but you want a bunch of individual items, so it all adds up quick.

The real deal is that value menu that changes all the time. Taco Bell always has something new on that dollar menu. It's delicious food for cheap that doesn't leave you with that after-meal feeling of sadness and self-loathing. That's why Taco Bell does so good in America.

Ask anyone you know... If you want good food for cheap, at least half will say Taco Bell. And if you also want it fast with an correct order the first time, it's the 26th & Cache Road Taco Bell. As a West Side resident, the drive back into midtown is totally worth an accurate order, legit.

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