Sadly due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent increase in infections within the state the Comanche Nation Water Park and Nations of Fun will remain closed through the 2020 Summer season. Looks like we'll have to find other ways to cool off this Summer. The announcement came earlier this week, the official press release is below:

Comanche Nation Waterpark

We were all hopeful that after the first COVID-19 wave and shutdowns that it would slow the spread, or better yet go the hell away. Unfortunately that hasn't been the case. Recently Oklahoma added over 450 new cases within the past few days and weeks. We're currently leading the Nation in the rise and spread of the corona virus, at least per-capita and by overall percentage. You get get all the latest details here.

It's starting to look like we'll have a second wave of COVID-19 plus with Fall and Winter fast approaching things could worsen with influenza as well. Hopefully after this surge it will be the end of it, but health experts aren't too optimistic. We'll have to continue social distancing, wearing face masks when needed and do all we can to put an end to all of this. Otherwise we may never see an end to COVID-19, or at least it'll drag on through 2021.

With Comanche Nation Water Park not opening this Summer we're running out of options for swimming. Of course there's always the lake and the City of Lawton just announced that the splash parks in town would open this weekend. It's better than nothing. If you need details on Lawton's splash parks click here. The splash parks are opening but all the municipal pools and wadding pools will be closed until further notice.

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