There's really no secret to it, Dave Grohl has the pretty universal reputation of being the nicest guy in the music business. He's proven it time and time again, and not only from the opinions of fans, other bands unanimously agree it's a true statement and title only becoming of him.

During the pandemic, the internet has been full of new creators putting their lives out there for others to peek at. One relative newcomer is Nandi Bushell. The cutest little English firecracker of talent on YouTube. She's not only a solid drummer, she can play and sing it all. Someone suggested she should challenge Dave Grohl to a drum-off, and proving he's still the nicest dude in the music business, he accepted. In the coming days, I'm sure this will go how any drum battle with an emerging like kid talent should, he'll concede to her skills, and the world will once again speak of Dave Grohl praises.

If you didn't know, Dave might be one of the coolest, most down to earth normal dudes... who just happens to be famous. Just hop into an endless stream of videos where he invites fans on stage to play with the band. Nobody can forget Kiss Guy. While fame destroys most people, see the Jeffrey Epstien book and a countless list of Hollywood predators exposed in the #metoo movement, Dave just isn't the Hollywood type. He love to smoke bbq, and regularly shows up at bbq competitions to not only eat everyones bbq, he enters with his own pit and competes.

This drum-off will be a fun one to watch in the coming weeks.

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