Just like I’m obligated to eat a burger on National Hamburger Day, I’m gonna have to leave the office early today.

I’ll be totally honest, there are some National “fill in the blank” Days that are kind of dumb to me, but some really speak to me.

National Pizza Day? Hell yeah, let’s go stuff our faces full of carbs and cholesterol. But, National Lima Bean Respect Day (trust me, it’s a thing)? Sorry, but I have zero respect for lima beans, because frankly, they suck.

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But today’s a day I can totally get behind: National Leave the Office Early Day. Oh, the possibilities.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m dipping out early, I’m going to make the most of it. Maybe not Ferris Bueller’s Day Off most of it, but I ain’t leaving work early to go home and sit on the couch. I’m also not cutting out of work early to go home and do chores.

Nope. This national holiday calls for some serious slacking.

I’m thinking maybe it’s time to head out to Lake Wichita and wet a line. Or maybe go do some vinyl hunting around town. Or hell, you can’t go wrong with an early happy hour (be careful, though - tomorrow isn’t Call in Sick Because You Got Wasted Day).

No matter how you choose to celebrate this glorious national holiday, be sure to be as unproductive as humanly possible. You’ll thank me for it tomorrow.

Oh yeah - you might want to talk to your boss before you bounce out, though. Otherwise, tomorrow could turn out to be National Get Fired from Your Job Day for you.

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