When most post-college guys get drunk, they make booty calls; others decide to file for the NBA Draft despite never having played college basketball. That's the case of one Hoboken, N.J. resident who graduated from the University of Miami in 2010. According to his post on Reddit, he decided to declare himself eligible for the 2013 NBA Draft after knocking back a few drinks in April.

NBA vice president Andy Taub responded to the man earlier this week with a professional letter explaining that — let's call him 'Drunk Mamba' — was already eligible since he graduated in 2010, and thus he was a free agent who could sign with any NBA team interested in his services. While the NBA does offer 10-day contracts, we don't think we'll see this guy suiting up on the hardwood anytime soon. All it would take is one or two trips down the court with real NBA talent, and this joker might go sprinting right back to the liquor cabinet. FYI — the 2013 NBA Draft is June 27.

View both letters below:

Drunk NBA Draft Letter
Drunk NBA Draft Letter Reply
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