I'm not going to lie to you. Crocs are arguably the most hideous and ridiculously comfortable shoes in the world. So squishy like a little personal cloud of foam for your barkers. But they do have their limits.

While you'll never see Crocs on the job site, it's not because workers don't like 'em. It's more or less a lacking of PPE technology. How in the world would you even go about putting the protection of steel toes into a shoe that only weighs a few ounces? Zip ties.

I've dropped countless things on my feet in the shop while wearing the worlds most comfortable shoes. There's some discomfort, but even when dropping logs, I walk away just fine. That super squishy foam does protect to a certain degree. In all honesty, If they'd quit drilling holes in the tops and make them fireproof, welding would be more enjoyable.

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