In answer to the legendary fast-food TV commercial that asked "where's the beef?", apparently, yesterday it was in a Lawton neighborhood near F Avenue and Gore Blvd.

There was a unique standoff in Lawton yesterday, as members of the Lawton Police Department got into a stare down with a steer. The bovine trespasser had escaped from a Lawton meat processing plant (apparently by knocking out the guard, stealing his keys and driving off in his truck), ran across a busy Gore Blvd and then got itself trapped in a backyard. Lawton Police and Animal Control were both called to the scene and were perplexed on how to subdue the beefy interloper, until local residents set up a pen to trap the escapee.

Many "observers" were attracted to the scene, no one was hurt during the capture, and no word as yet as to where the animal was taken after its capture.

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Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images

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