Good news, Eskimo Joe's in Stillwater, OK. is keeping it's name and logo. They made the announcement today on their official Facebook page. "We want to thank the 30,000+ people who filled out our online survey. At this time, we will be keeping our name and logo." Stillwater's Jumpin' Little Juke Joint remains Eskimo Joe's! Eskimo Joe's Eskimo Joe's

It's good to hear they didn't bend to the social justice warriors and the collective rabble of hypersensitive sissies. To say this whole thing and many others like it are being blown way, way out of proportion and even reason is putting it lightly. Personality I find it totally ridiculous and still wonder how this could have escalated to this point.

The Facebook page is filled with like minded comments from people thanking them for keeping the name and logo, despite the pressure from "woke," more like "weak" individuals who evidentially have nothing better to do with their time or lives than protest and demand change to meaningless and trivial issues.

How boringly pitiful does a person have to be to pursue things like this? I'll never know. What's even funnier is all the people who signed this petition to have them change their name and logo because they found it offensive probably don't even live in Oklahoma, or will ever visit the restaurant.

I plan on making a special trip sometime this Summer to Eskimo Joe's for a lunch, maybe dinner. I'll definitely support them and let them know how much I appreciate them sticking to their guns. Good for them!

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