While most people think police officers spend their days chasing bad guys and laying on their back shooting their guns in the air like Johnny Utah, it's not the always-exciting career the movies make it out to be.

There are good days, yeah. There are bad days for sure. But I assume most of the daily work-flow is somewhat boring. Always responding to the same houses for the same domestic reasons day-in and day-out. Noise complaints from neighbors that can't just be cool. Serving no-knock warrants on the wrong house and still shooting the family dog...

It's not the action-packed life path one would expect, but occasionally you might get a day like this. I assume it's a complaint call on someones FFA project. Roaming the streets, looking for a little trouble, and Officer Daniels is the right guy for the job. Continuing his own tradition, he carves out a little gold during one of the more mundane moments of his day. Be sure to check out his channel too. It's pretty stellar.

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