A fan made a movie trailer for Spaceman Spiff, the interplanetary explorer extraordinaire! If you're familiar with Calvin & Hobbes you know all about Spaceman Spiff and his many adventures. I for one would love to see more and would absolutely hit the theater to see this. I'm not too sure how creator Bill Watterson feels about this, but as a big Calvin & Hobbes fan I love it!

I have most, not all of the Calvin & Hobbes collection and every year I look forward to cracking them open and re-reading them. For me it's a annual thing and something I look forward to. Usually it's in the late Fall when things slow down and right before the craziness of the holiday season kicks off. For me that's the prefect time to kick back, relax and completely lose myself in these works. To me Calvin & Hobbes is, and will forever be the single greatest comic strip ever created.

I remember when the strip ended back in 1995 and we heard the news that Mr. Watterson was ending the series. As a fan I was really disappointed and like a lot of people wanted the strip to continue, to go on forever was my thought. I understood his reasons and respect his decision, but as soon as I get done re-reading all the collections I'm always left wanting more. I think in the end Mr. Watterson knew this and he certainly ended the comic on the highest note.

I've always looked up to Bill Watterson, I'm no artist but I love how he always protected the strip and all it's characters. He never allowed anyone to cheapen or merchandise Calvin & Hobbes and maybe that's why our connection to them is so strong. It exists in it's simplest form, in print. Every panel has it's own individual meaning and emotion that it brings to the reader, each person experiences it differently. However I have to admit I love this fan made trailer for Spaceman Spiff and a big part of me would love to see an actual movie. It's obvious that the person who made this is a huge fan too.

Now, I think I'll grab my collection and get ready for this year's Calvin & Hobbes marathon.

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