If you've been searching for the most epic used mobile home commercial ever recorded, look no further this is it! I'm not in the market for a trailer but if I where, or if the need ever arises I know who will be getting my business, Cullman Liquidation Center. They're a used mobile home dealer in Cullman Alabama that has been buying, selling and moving mobile homes for over 16 years. They also have the greatest local commercial ever produced. You have to watch this and you'll agree...or don't...I don't care!

Man this guy is as 'Merica as any one person could ever hope to achieve. He's forgotten more about being 'Merica than any of us will ever know. I love his no B.S. approach and honesty. Robert Lee tells it exactly how it is "I sell mobile homes. I'm not gonna waste your time, I'm gonna tell it just like it is. These are mobile homes, not mansions. They come in two pieces, if that's what you're looking for, that's what I got. They're used, some of them have stains, we cover that up."

Later in the commercial Robert gets personal with us and allows us a rare glimpse into his private life and affairs, no pun intended. He had a bouncer in Birmingham hit him in the face with a crescent wrench five times. His wife's boyfriend broke his jaw with a fence post. Why does he tell us all this, well it's important. This way you know who you're dealing with and are comfortable with the knowledge that you aren't gonna hurt his feelings if you don't buy a trailer from him.

As the man says "Come on down to Cullman's Liquidation and get you a home..or don't...I don't care." While I might not be in the market for a mobile home I could always use a another t-shirt and luckily for me they sell them on their website. Click here to get yours today!

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