Bacon – it’s not just for clogging arteries anymore.

In proof that America’s obsession with the beloved meat may have reached its zenith, Ford has announced customers can decorate a Fiesta with an image of bacon. The bacon racing stripes can go on either the roof, the front hood, the wheel well or, if you just can’t help yourself, you can spring for the Bacon Wrap -- 10 strips that cover the car and guarantee other motorists will do a double-take when passing you.

The cost starts at $78, which doesn’t include installation.

Ford is unleashing the mouth-watering promotion as a way to celebrate International Bacon Day (August 31), which, judging by the way we love bacon, is quickly turning into our Christmas, Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve all (pork) rolled into one.

Who knows, if this gimmick is a success, maybe Ford will hire a team of scientists to get cracking on equipping cars to run on bacon grease.

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