The story starts on March 16th. The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament had just gotten off to a rousing start, 64 teams all vying for their chance at glory. The University of Maryland - Baltimore County had received their second tournament invite to the big show. Given their small stature, they were invited as a 16-seed - AKA - long shot. Given that you have to prove you belong in the tournament, they were set to play their first round game against a 1-seed opponent, Virginia. What transpired busted the bulk of the nations brackets as UMBC destroyed Virginia, 74-54.

As most fast food places do, they bet free food to the public on long shots. You remember Taco Bell giving out free tacos after the World Series? Well, in this case, if a 16-seed team eliminated a 1-seed team, Little Caesars offered free pizza to America.

Skip forward to today, delivery day of the free pizza promise, Little Caesars delivered. We checked both locations in Lawton, and while there seemed to be a line at the Sheridan store, we were able to walk in and straight back out with free pizza at the LC on 67th.

Now we could talk all day about your preferred pizza, style, toppings, crust, etc... but everybody knows, free pizza is the best pizza.

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