Fall is here and Halloween is fast approaching. If like me you enjoy haunted houses and scream parks you're in luck, Oklahoma has several and a lot of them aren't too far away from Lawton, Fort Sill. The family and I will spend most of the month visiting all the various haunted attractions along with all the corn mazes and pumpkin patches we have here in Oklahoma for some Fall family fun.

When it comes to haunted attractions and scream parks Oklahoma has a bunch of them. It seems every town and city has one. Some are known worldwide in the horror and haunted house community and ranked as the "best" in the state, nation, and even the world. The Sooner State takes screams seriously and really knows how to put on a great haunted attraction and scream park. Here's just a few of the attractions and parks you'll want to experience this Halloween season. Most are already open or will open this weekend.

The Trail of Fear Scream Park in Lawton, OK.

Back for it's 24th year of terror Trail of Fear is one of the biggest and best haunted attractions and scream parks in all of Oklahoma. It's only minutes away and is located right outside Lawton, Fort Sill on Lee Blvd/Highway 7. Just head towards Duncan, OK. and you'll see it on the right-hand side, you can't miss it. They have several haunted attractions and escape rooms. Plus this year they'll be hosting Evil Dead the Musical on select nights. For details visit the official website or check them out on Facebook.

The Castle of Muskogee Halloween Festival in Muskogee, OK.

They're royalty among the haunted attractions and scream parks. The Castle of Muskogee annual Halloween festival is one of the state's biggest, most celebrated events and one you won't want to miss. They have everything from haunted attractions, hayrides, zombie hunts, indoor and outdoor haunts to spooky mazes and monster dances. For all the details go to the official website or visit their Facebook page.

The Sanctuary in Oklahoma City, OK.

Just a short two-hour road trip away in Oklahoma City you'll find The Sanctuary. This place is in a league all its own and stands out as one of the very best haunted attractions in Oklahoma. The Sanctuary features haunted escape rooms with insane effects and truly terrifying scares and heart-racing puzzles. For more information visit the official website or you can go to their Facebook page for all the details.

Lexington Zombie Farm in Lexington, OK.

If you're looking for screams this place will definitely do it for you. The Lexington Zombie Farm is literally out in the middle of nowhere right outside of OKC in Lexington, OK. They have an incredible haunted attraction that will take you into a haunted barn, then out into the woods for a truly unforgettable and horrifying experience. If you're brave enough and want details visit them on their official Facebook page.

Newcastle Nightmare Haunted Attraction in Newcastle, OK.

I plan on making the trip to Newcastle this year to go to the Newcastle Nightmare. I've heard all kinds of great things about this place and its amazing haunt. It's an outdoor experience that will take you through a graveyard and the woods. It takes around 20 to 30 minutes to go through it. Sounds awesome! For more information check out the official website or you can visit their Facebook page.

Nightmare Grounds Haunted Attraction in Fort Cobb, OK.

If you've never been, what are you waiting for? It's just a short 45 minutes away from Lawton, Fort Sill in Fort Cobb, OK. the Nightmare Grounds. They have a couple of different haunted attractions that are fantastic and frightening. Plus, it's a nice scenic trip and you could make a quick stop and grab a bite in Medicine Park on your way there or back. For all the details check them out on their official Facebook Page.

Nightfall Haunted Territory in Oklahoma City, OK.

It's been voted and named as one of the scariest haunted attractions in the state and ranks in the top 15 in the nation. If you're looking for true terror head to Oklahoma City, OK. and visit the Nightfall Haunted Territory. It's an amazing attraction and really is one of the scariest around. Hit play on the video below for a sneak peek. For all the information you can go to their official Facebook page for details.

Guthrie Haunts in Guthrie, OK.

It's one of the most popular and scariest haunted attractions in Oklahoma. The Guthrie Haunts Scaregrounds in Guthrie, OK. Which by the way is one of the most haunted towns in the state, check it out. The Guthrie Haunt Scaregrounds has won the "Best Overall Attraction" for the past 3 years by Oklahoma Haunted Houses. You can get all the details on the official website or on their Facebook page.

Psycho Path Haunted Attraction in Tulsa, OK.

It's worth the trip for sure! If you've never been to Psycho Path Haunted Attraction you have to go. It's located right outside of Tulsa in Sperry, OK. The Darkride is an incredible attraction that will take you through the woods on a haunted "Scareage Ride." They also have Shadowbox haunted house. Both are top-notch in the fright department. Get all the details on the official website or visit them on Facebook.

Nightmare in the Country in Woodward, OK.

Truly the stuff of nightmares! This one is on the other side of OKC in Woodward, OK. and around 2 and a half hours away from Lawton, Fort Sill. The Nightmare in the Country Screampark features a couple of different haunted attractions, The Manor and Sinister's 2.0 Misfit Takeover. Both are a terrifyingly good time. To get all the details go to the official website or visit their Facebook page.

As you can see Oklahoma has more than its fair share of haunted attractions and scream parks. It'll take the entire month of October and then some to visit them all. I try to go to a couple of different ones every year and hit as many as I can and still haven't made it to some of them yet. I know what I'll be up to most, if not all the weekends in October. We're lucky to have so many great attractions in the Sooner State.

If you're not wanting to travel and prefer to stay close to home you're in luck. Trail of Fear in Lawton is opening for the season this weekend. Their first day is this Friday (10-01-21). 

You can pre-order tickets to their haunted attractions: The Hackensaw Haunted Hayride and Camp Twisty. They also have escape rooms: Curse of the Black Swan and Cooper Groves Crypt. Not only haunted attractions and escape rooms, this year Trail of Fear will host Evil Dead the Musical!

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