I ran across this on social media, so don't shoot the messenger. Apparently, due to equipment malfunction, the freezer section and some of the meat and produce cold case sections at Sam's Club has resulted in a loss of food, suspending the sale of the good stuff temporarily. This is definitely not how you want to kick off a weekend.

I have a buddy that works almost exclusively in the commercial freezer repair industry, and as busy as he stays year round in Southwest Oklahoma, this is just another first world problem that is far more common that you think. When the temperatures get hot like they've been the last few days, things like this just sort of happen. There's no way to guarantee against it, new freezer equipment can be just as fickle as older equipment in this sort of scorched earth weather, so hoping on the obvious "Just replace the freezer" thing isn't always the solution.

Ironically, the air conditioner in my vehicle works really well when it's really humid out. It only has trouble keeping up when the summer heat really dries out SWOK. I don't know if that translates to commercial refrigeration, but seeing as the least efficient HVAC systems are often found on America's coasts, I'd guess it's probably the other way around. The same way it's far hotter for us when the humidity is high, I'd assume these systems probably suffer the same way trying to sluff off heat.

There's no word yet on how long this will take to repair, or how long it will take to restock and reopen these areas... but if you were planning on prime steaks this weekend, you might call ahead before you waste a trip.

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