You can almost feel and smell this video. There are very few sounds as unmistakable as the 426 Hemi. Not to mention the smell of partially un-burnt fuel emissions filling the air the reverberations and shaking of the ground followed by the squealing of tires smoking in a glorious rubber and asphalt eating burn out.

In my honest, humble non-biased opinion there's no muscle like Mopar muscle. From the mid to late sixties into the early seventies Detroit and really most, if not all, auto manufactures were all about performance and horsepower, those were the days. Then the unfortunate 1970's oil and gas crisis happened and the Clean Air Act which ended the era of true American muscle cars. Or at least that's what most car enthusiasts think ended true performance and the race to speed and horsepower by major manufacturers.

These incredible vehicles fell out of favor for more economical cars and trucks that you could fill up and go further with. Mileage became the big selling point. In the following years, even today there are very few real performance cars being built and sold by American auto factories. There are exceptions to this like the Dodge Challenger SRT, Hellcat and the Demon lines. These are limited production cars and priced to where the everyday person couldn't afford them, or the insurance. But if you're looking for a factory 840 horsepower car and have a spare $85,000.00 you could peel off the lot in the new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.

Even with all the retro releases like the Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang and the Chevy Camaro there's nothing like the 60-70 model cars and there never will be. For me the single greatest Mopar of all time is the 1971 Plymouth Barracuda. I've always had an affinity for this car. The first time I saw one I was a little kid and had a next door neighbor who had one. It was the coolest car in the neighborhood and to this day the coolest car I've ever seen. Every now and then he'd back it out the drive way and see us all standing there with that look in our eyes, he'd rev it up and light up the tires as we'd scream and cheer. Maybe someday I'll be behind the wheel of one, if so you'll definitely hear and feel me coming!

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