Hasbro is now streaming full episodes of G.I. Joe live on their official YouTube page. That's right the Real American Hero is back! You can also select individual episodes and playlists of the classic cartoon if you've missed a few.

The show originally came out back in 1983/1985 and I spent every afternoon watching it as a kid whenever it came on. Every once in a while you'll see it on TV on some random channel or available to stream, but rarely full unedited classic episodes. Click here to watch the live stream of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.

I loved this show as a kid, even as a teenager. No matter what I wouldn't miss it, even re-runs. It's great to see it back. Of course now that I'm older I wonder why I thought this show was so great. It's like anything else you feel nostalgic about, when revisited later it takes you back and has a memory lane type feel to it.

I use to think this show was beyond awesome, now I watch it and laugh at how goofy the whole things is, but back then it was epic. Most things are like that, especially shows, movies and even some music. You go back and revisit these things as an adult and almost cringe at how bad or cheesy they are. Our poor parents must have hated it.

I still enjoy watching it on occasion and thinking back, but I've always thought even as a kid that it was crazy that an elite military unit could be so damn poor at marksmanship. I mean thousands and thousands of rounds spent and not a single person hit or killed by gunfire. Of course we can thank all the the censors for this. I guess they thought we couldn't handle it, or more likely the parents couldn't. Any way it's cool that Hasbro is doing this...GO JOE!

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