If the parking lots of Home Depot and their little step-brother Lowe's is any indication, people are struggling to keep themselves occupied and entertained at this point in the pandemic. You've streamed all the movies, played all the games, and walked all the open businesses. What do now? Some retreat to a simpler time when if you didn't have anything to do, you just made something up. This guy has seen way too many Dude Perfect videos and thought "I can do that."

As you can see, using what is probably every piece of kitchenware they have stashed in the cupboards, a ping pong ball, and a trusty wedge, you too could probably keep yourself entertained. All the same, I understand how you might not be able to.

Confession, my siblings and I grew up poor. Yes, we always had a nice home, but the parents figured a nice place to grow up was worth way more than trinkets and toys. Seeing what this world has become, I understand that these days. Maybe you're in the same boat, so do what we did. We had to entertain ourselves with stuff we had around the house. Here's a quick list of fun stuff to do that won't cost you a dime.

Naturally, you have to build a pillow and blanket fort. The trick is using couch cushions. They will stand upright and bear a little weight when braced with a blanket. Also, the blanket is the key to the whole activity. You can't use a heavy blanket. Comforters are a no-go. If you have a small stash of 'grandma' blankets lying around, that'd be ideal. You know, the crocheted looking super-light blankets you can see through. If not, no worries, use sheets. Really dark sheets if you have em. Leave a big open door to that fort that faces the TV, climb in with some snacks and have a fort picnic. It'll keep those kids entertained for a few days.

Hide & seek. While you may instantly think of the urban legends of tragic child deaths, they're just stories. As much as people hoard, I doubt there's enough room in the fridge for a kid to hop in. Too boring? Switch it up to the same-ish Ghost in the Graveyard. It's hide & seek, but with a base. The object is to get back to the base without being tagged. Anyone tagged has to be the new seeker ghost. Tons of fun.

Boche billiards living room pool. Here's the thing, you're playing billiards pool, but across the floor, and it's into cups you've placed around you. Keep in mind, boche balls are off-center, so they never roll straight right? So your boche ball should be a piece of fruit. Apples are too far out of round, grapefruits are too big for little hands, so oranges are the preferred produce here. Your living room is your pool table. Instead of drilling pockets into your floors, just takes some cups and tape them down, or don't, that might make it more fun. Solo cups obviously, but if you don't want to risk a store run, use the Rib Crib/Eskimo Joe's cups everyone has dozens of. They're big enough to receive an orange, and tough enough to do it forever. Your kids will love this until the one spoiled brat rage quits and tosses an orange across the room at your favorite kid.

The last thing I remember, and we've talked about this before is Go Fish with unmatched socks. This is the greatest game ever because it keeps the kids entertained with a game, and you get help doing the laundry. You just dump a pile of socks in front of everyone and go to town taking turns asking for a match. The only difference is you don't keep going until you have to Go Fish, you just take turns.

If you're still bored after all of those suggestions, you have to realize you really are just a boring person and your kids deserve better. Be better, go build a fort in the living room.

Also, this is my favorite video on the web.

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