I finally put my trash at the curb this morning.  It's trash day in my neighborhood.  Tuesdays and Fridays. I usually remember too late, and to be honest, I'm not that trashy so I can go a few weeks without getting into a bind.

Lawton City Council voted in a split decision to change trash pickup schedules to just one pickup per week as a plan to save the City an estimated $450,000 in the new budget and help keep some programs from being cut. Now, I've already told you I can go a couple of weeks before my can is full, so changing the pickup in my neighborhood won't inconvenience me in the least.  I'm sure that if I was a family of 5 and cooked regularly, or mowed my own lawn, I would need an extra can.

So, how would this schedule impact you?  Is this something you can live with in order to fund programs like Mobile Meals, and playoff games for Youth Sports, and cancel a proposed employee furlough?  Take our quick poll below and let us know if you approve of the city councils decision, or if you cannot live with trash only one day a week.

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