The City of Lawton held another virtual Town Hall meeting yesterday (12-10-20) on the city's official Facebook page. The event featured a panel of health experts and community leaders to discuss the current COVID-19 situation in Lawton, Fort Sill. There was also a Q&A session with community leaders and healthcare professionals. If you missed it, we have the all the details and the video for you.

The meeting ran about an hour or so and touched upon several different topics related to COVID-19 and how Lawton, Fort Sill has responded to the pandemic. Mayor Stan Booker discussed the city's mask mandate and the possibility of a stay at home order. At this time the city doesn't have any plans to introduce a stay at home order, but if conditions worsen and we continue to see increases in positive cases and hospitalizations in Lawton, Fort Sill it's something that could happen.

Healthcare professionals on the panel gave an update on the current COVID-19 numbers in the city and county. Major General Kenneth Kamper gave an update on Fort Sill and what they're experiencing on post. A big topic of discussion during the virtual town hall meeting was the upcoming release of the COVID-19 vaccine. The Comanche County Heath Department answered questions and informed the public that it's on the way and will become available soon. Once released we should see bi-weekly deliveries of the vaccine. Healthcare workers and those most vulnerable will receive the vaccinations first.

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