If I asked you what the best burger in Lawton was, odds are I'd get two-dozen different answers. Like all things in life, the humble burger is subjective to each individual eating one, and you cannot convince anyone to change their mind on what constitutes "the best" burger in town... but can we find common ground on how much burger is the right amount?

If you haven't been paying attention, there's a new burger joint going into the City of Lawton's FISTA Innovation Park - AKA - the empty old Central Mall, and they are making quite the splash on social media.

Exhibit A:

That's where this debate started... In advertising half and whole pound burgers, how much burger is too much burger?

It's a loaded question that might have too many variables to concretely answer, for instance... How important is the meat-to-bun ratio to you? It's really high on my personal list, I can only assume it's the same for others. Some burger joints here in town have too much bun. That's not the same as having too little meat either... the bun is as important as the beef.

If you have too much bun, or a bun that's too doughy, thick, starchy, sweet, etc... it can ruin the solemn burger experience. I've always been a fan of just regular old run-of-the-mill burger buns, bonus points for sesame seeds, as long as it's also grilled to add a little crunch.

The only other variable here is the meat. You need enough to make it worth the bite. Too little and your burger is basically the vegan option with all of your toppings... Too much and you either mess yourself up with drippings or give yourself the meat sweats halfway through.

My ideal burger used to be the Oklahoma original Braum's 1/3rd pound cheeseburger. It was perfectly balanced between all variables... but they had to go off and ruin it in the name of protecting profits. Now they're in a weird place where the 1/4th pounder is too small, but the 1/2 pounder is too much.

All the same, I'll have a double at S&B Burger and it's just right in that same 1/2 pound of beefy weight... that's because their bun is lighter... and slapping stoner concoctions like peanut butter and bacon on a burger somehow works like a satisfying charm.

I once ate, because it was the draw to a place called Megaburger, a big 'ol burger that was just a single half-pound patty... I cannot tell you how awful it really was.

When I make my own burgers at home, I buy plain old Wonderbread sesame seed buns and stuff them with just single quarter-pound patties. For whatever reason, it's the only burger that works off my own grill. Two patties are too much. Only a single slice of cheese also... Doubling up the slices only makes it stick to my teeth and that drives me crazy.

So where's your perfect amount of burger at? Do you like it thin and flimsy, stacked up like crazy, or just right in your own little middle? Send it back in the app, we're doing the science.

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