If there's one guy who can absolutely preach and teach proper revolver handling skills it's definitely Jerry Miculek. He's forgotten more about the topic than most of us will ever know. So when it comes to gun advise I'd say he's at the very top of the list of people who I'll listen to. His knowledge and shooting skills are incredible and not just with revolvers, but all guns. So if Jerry says it, it's true and accurate.

It's been too long since I've had the opportunity to hit the range due to ammo shortages and cost. Plus I lost all my firearms in a tragic boating accident awhile back. Since I can't make it to the range the next best thing is to talk about past trips and general gun talk. Kelso and I were doing just that yesterday and we swapped stories from months and years past when we'd load up and hammer down at the range. Sadly he too has lost all his firearms in a freak boating accident, man that's crazy. There's a lot more boating accidents involving the lost of guns than you'd think. A lot more...

Anyway we started talking about revolvers and discussing in great detail our favorites and of course the wish list of six guns we don't yet own, or have lost in various boating accidents. Then almost at the same time we recalled a friend we took to the range who liked to slam his cylinder shut with a quick spin and a flick of the wrist. You know the Hollywood way to close a revolver, or better yet the absolute worst possible way to close a revolver. We both cringed and recoiled (pun intended) in horror every time he did it.

He only did it once, maybe twice before we lost it and explained just how bad that is on a revolver. I can only imagine if he had done that to one of my guns how I'd react. Not good, not good at all. But people aren't born knowing stuff, we all have to be taught. So by the end of our time at the range he had a much better understanding and practice of proper revolver handling. You don't know something if you don't know...

So after that trip to the range and talking to Kelso about it yesterday I stumbled across this video with Jerry Miculeck discussing the very same thing. It was a clear sign that I should share it and put it out in the universe for anyone else who may need some instruction.

I can still see and hear that poor six gun spinning and slamming shut...Oh' the humanity!

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