It's one of the most recognizable and celebrated firearms known to man, the magnum revolver! I came across this video and it immediately caught my attention. Sure it has a lot of video game footage and references but the truth is the truth. Magnum revolvers are awesome and will continue to remain popular no matter if it's in film, television or video games. These guns are royalty in the firearm kingdom!

I've always been and will always be a revolver fan. I love the feel, simplicity and power that large frame magnum revolvers deliver. We all have our favorites, but for me the classic lines and beauty of the six gun are a life long love affair!

When talking about personal defense and concealed carry some people are surprised that I prefer the revolver. Most lean towards autos and feel my choice is outdated and old fashioned, maybe so. One thing I always say is "It always goes bang and I never have to worry about jams, malfunctions, mechanics and safeties." The wheel gun is ultra reliable, durable, simple to use and all business. All the qualities one looks for when their lives or the lives of others are on the line.

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